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EVA15 for TIF and ESG using PABI(Physician Activated Bi-Level Insufflation)

Why EVA15 for ESG and TIF?

During both TIF and ESG procedures, it is required that the lumen is expanded and collapsed multiple times. When using Physician Activated Bi-Level Insufflation (PABI) the physician has full control and has the ability to change pressures and manipulate the anatomy as needed. This reduces communication errors, increases procedural efficiency, and allows the physician to conduct the procedure in a more timely manner.

Physician activation of insufflation creates procedural efficiency

Maximum and minimum CO2 pressure levels optimize lumen elasticity

Designed to provide ease of control via foot pedal

Allowing for better staff utilization*

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EVA15 for ESD

Why EVA15 for ESD?

In ESD it is important to keep pressures low enough to avoid compressing the layers of the GI tract to achieve a good dissection, but at the same time the physician must also maintain visibility. This is a delicate balance. During this procedure the pressure can increase due to techniques like argon plasma coagulation (APC) and general tissue vaporization. When pressures increase EVA15 senses the increase and will adjust accordingly, evaluating smoke on its own.

Designed to deliver a consistent and controlled pressure within +/- 1 mm of mercury

Dedicated catheter intelligently monitors luminal pressure 100x per second to ensure accuracy

Lower pressure settings can avoid tissue compression, which may benefit the dissection by keeping layers more separated

Pressure is maintained while suctioning to ensure pressure while achieving better visualization

EVA15 Insufflator Features

Maintains continuous pressure up to 25 mmHg
Insufflator adjusts flow up to 100 times per second and automatically compensates for pressure drops due to endoscope suction and/or anatomical air leak.

PABI gives control to the physician
Pedal-activation allows the physician to control the upper and lower pressure settings of the insufflator to ensure the luminal tension is appropriate for the procedure requirements.

Can be used in any scope tower or as stand-alone unit
Insufflator can be installed in combination with your traditional scope insufflator using wall CO2, or set up as a stand-alone unit, using a CO2 bottle for mobility.

Easy setup and minimal input required
Setup takes minimal time and does not require input from the staff unless pressure settings need to be adjusted during the procedure.

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