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EndoTrap enhances safety for endoscopists and nurses during endoscopic procedures
There is an increased risk of viral transmission in healthcare workers performing aerosol-generating procedures, such as Esophagogastroduodenoscopy.1,2

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There is a risk of aerolisation of viral particulars in upper GI endoscopic procedures, and a prospective study has demonstrated unrecognized endoscopist exposure to infectious particles during GI procedures.3,4

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the endoscopist’s face during endoscopy. Gastrointestinal endoscopy, 89(4), 818–824.

EndoTrap is designed to reduce the exposure of endoscopists to airborne particles during endoscopic procedures.

EndoTrap enhances safety for endoscopists and nurses during endoscopic procedures and forms a protective barrier around the patient’s nose and mouth and the endoscope. It consists of a T-piece, a valve, and a protective sleeve and is intended to be used in conjunction with a single-port anesthesia mask and a viral filter.

EndoTrap is designed so that all inhaled and exhaled gases pass through the viral filter. Within its T-piece lies the protective sleeve, which prevents gases escaping alongside the scope and protects the operator from harmful biological contaminants.

EVA15 Insufflator

EVA15 is modernizing the insufflation category to deliver “Set and Forget” insufflation that provides hands-free control and delivery of constant pressure in the working field during therapeutic endoscopic procedures

 The END-200 endoscopic tubeset is for investigation use only

Intelligent insufflation

EVA15 Maintains continuous 7-15mmHg pressure and automatically compensates for leaks and suctioning.

The insufflator instantaneously sees a pressure drop and adds extra flow, regardless of why there is flow out of the cavity. It maintains targeted pressure in the visual field during therapeutic procedures despite large leaks and during smoke evacuation. “Set and forget” pressure control in visual field – no need for endoscopist to control insufflation flow with finger, allowing focus on the therapeutic procedure itself.

Low-pressure insufflation

EVA15 maintains constant insufflation pressure down to 7mmHg

Two modes available

  • Standard insufflation
  • Continuous pressure insufflation

EVA15 is easy to use

Minimal training required – simple, intuitive user interface
  • Simple operation requires only two button presses to switch on and select insufflation mode
    (two modes available: standard and continuous pressure)
Low-pressure insufflator
  • Designed for easy integration into any endoscopy suite
Minimal workspace required
  • Sleek and compact
  • Easy to move, easy to clean
  • EVA15 can be placed on a shelf or counter

EVA15 Insufflator can be used for:






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