Palliare aims to make the operating room a safer and smoke-free environment for healthcare workers to ensure compliance with the 2017 AORN Guideline for Surgical Smoke Safety

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), each year “an estimated 500,000 workers, including surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgical technologists, are exposed to laser or electrosurgical smoke”. Surgical smoke or plume is a by-product of ablation, cauterization, or mechanical manipulation of tissue when medical devices such as lasers, electrosurgical knives, broadband light sources, ultrasonic instruments, and plasma instruments are used. Greater than 95% of all surgical procedures produce some type of plume.

A growing body of scientific knowledge on surgical plume exists, which clearly indicates that the hazardous airborne particles, gases and toxins contained within surgical smoke can lead to adverse health outcomes. Research also indicates that regular surgical masks are not effective in filtering out these harmful by-products.

Surgical smoke can no longer be accepted
as a normal part of the OR environment.

Research indicates that surgical smoke contains over 80 chemicals that have the same level of mutagenicity as 27-30 cigarettes.

EVA15 Smoke Evacuation

Meets AORN Guideline for Surgical Smoke Safety
The May 2017 AORN ‘Guideline for surgical smoke safety’ provides guidance on surgical smoke management. The EVA15 enables the management of operating rooms in accordance with these guidelines.

Removes Surgical Smoke Contaminants
The 0.1 micron two-stage charcoal filter safely removes smoke particles with an efficiency of 99.998%. A second filter can be added to the scavenging port if desired to improve efficiency further.

Pedal Activated Smoke Evacuation
The EVA15 provides pedal activated smoke evacuation thereby avoiding CO2 wastage and also avoiding constant cold gas entering the abdomen.

Connects to OR Scavenging System
The EVA15 connects seamlessly to the OR scavenging system for safely removing surgical smoke contaminants from the room.

Sleek and Compact
Designed for easy integration into any OR setting, the EVA15 can be placed on a shelf or counter.

EVA15 Insufflator

Continuous Pressure

  • The EVA15 insufflator compensates for leaks, maintaining the surgical field during tool/camera removal and smoke evacuation.

2 Modes of Insufflation Available

  • Standard Insufflation
  • Continuous Pressure Insufflation

Low-Pressure Insufflation

  • Maintains constant insufflation pressure down to 7mmHg

Minimal Training Required – Simple, Intuitive Interface

  • Simple operation requires only two button presses to switch on and select insufflation mode
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