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Palliare has been granted a first European patent for its EVA™ surgical insufflation technology. The EVA15 insufflator has been specifically designed to meet the demanding insufflation requirements for laparoscopic, robotic and endolumenal surgical procedures. In addition to providing insufflation during these procedures, the EVA15 insufflator offers integrated surgical smoke evacuation capability, to permit the potentially hazardous smoke particles produced by electrosurgical instruments during laparoscopic surgery to be filtered and removed from the surgical field. The dangers associated with surgical smoke inhalation have been well documented,  leading recently to a number of US states passing legislation mandating the use of such smoke evacuation systems to protect the safety of operating room staff.

Commenting, Caroline O’Dea, Managing Director, Palliare said, “We are pleased to see the grant of the first in a series of patents that have been filed for our EVA™ insufflation and smoke evacuation technology. We plan to submit the EVA15 insufflator for FDA clearance in October, with a target release date of the product in 2020”.

About the EVA Insufflator

The EVA15 insufflator and smoke evacuation system is the first product from Palliare, designed to deliver best-in-class insufflation and smoke evacuation performance to meet the particular demands of laparoscopic, endolumenal, endoscopic and robotic surgical procedures.

About Palliare

Palliare Ltd was founded in 2018 as a spinout from Irish gastro-diagnostic
company Crospon which was acquired by Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) in 2017. Based in Galway, Ireland, Palliare is dedicated to advancing the state of the art in smoke evacuation and insufflation technologies for laparoscopic, endolumenal, endoscopic and robotic surgery.

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