for laparoscopic, endolumenal, endoscopic and robotic surgeries

The compact and pedal activated EVA15 smoke evacuation and insufflation system safely filters hazardous contaminants of surgical smoke before they become airborne in the OR. The EVA15 0.1 micron two-stage charcoal filter enables hospitals to follow 2017 AORN Guideline for surgical smoke safety. EVA15 conveniently connects to OR scavenging systems.

EVA15 Smoke Evacuation

  • Meets AORN guidelines for surgical smoke safety
  • 0.1 micron two-stage charcoal filter removes surgical smoke contaminants with 99.998% efficiency
  • Pedal activated to avoid CO2 wastage
  • Connects to OR scavenging system
  • Sleek and compact design

EVA15 Insufflation

  • The EVA15 insufflator compensates for leaks, maintaining the surgical field during tool/camera removal and smoke evacuation
  • 3 Modes of insufflation available
  • Low-pressure insufflation – maintains constant insufflation pressure down to 7 mmHg
  • Simple, intuitive interface

The EVA15 has multiple applications:









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Palliare, along with partners UCD, IRCAD, Pintail and Steripack CM shortlisted to receive EU funding for development and commercialization of new solutions to minimize aerosolization during laparoscopic surgical procedures and endoscopy

Further work from UCD Centre for Precision Surgery assesses gas flow characteristics of Airseal trocar

Very interesting research coming out of Ronan Cahill at the UCD Centre for Precision Surgery showing the propagation of leaks from trocar defects and from the trocar itself during tool removal.

Stop breathing in surgical smoke !

Should Healthcare Employers Install Ventilation Systems to Reduce ‘Surgical Smoke’ Levels?

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